Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I've been been watching CBS' post-apocalyptic sloppy blowjob to Middle America instead of studying for exams, since my man-crush Rogers has an unhealthy level of appreciation for it. After some eight episodes I can say for all the neat post-apocalyptic bits, evil Blackwater Ravenwood private military contractor (ooh, and a guestspot for my favourite Daily Show correspondent Aasif Mandvi) and clever meta-structure bits television writers get all hot and bothered about, there's so, so much wrong with it. Whenever it should be nasty and gritty, it opts for schmaltz instead, and don't get me started on the horrible, horrible small-town mom (complete with soulful piano plonking whenever she has a heart-to-heart).

But the most eregious misstep is not having enough hot science girl. There's a girl, see. She's hot, and she knows science! Clearly she should be a centerpiece of the show, but instead she goes missing for several episodes at time. And Skeet Ulrich, for whom she has the hots, spends more time obsessing over a some blonde with awful hair he has a Small Town History with when he should be snogging her at every opportunity. Where's your judgment, Skeet? What quality are you looking for in your mate after the apocalypse? Bad hair extensions, or the ability to fix air ventilation by cannibalizing vintage cars?

I'll still keep watching though, and fade it into the background whenever the soundtrack lets me know the soap opera bits will become overbearing. I just like the end of the world and hot science girls too much to drop it, despite its frequent awfulness.


sam said...

If you haven't been to the CBS Jericho Forum, you should go there. There is a topic called Heather and Jake that is 30,000+ posts of people ranting about the same issue. Heather dissappears after Black Jack and... well, I won't ruin it for you. But people were not happy.

Love your post.

SH said...

Cheers Sam. I've stayed away from most discussions about the show for fear of spoilers, but it doesn't surprise me at all that the internet prefers the smart girl. She had me at "Excuse me sir, you're doing that wrong."

Plus, giving her and her hot science skills more of the spotlight would have shifted the focus to overcoming obstacles in the present rather than agonizing over the past. (Although to be fair to Emily, she does bring Jonah to the table, and he's prety cool.)